Creative Writing Study Abroad Trip to Wales, London


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As a former student of the Dylan Thomas International Summer School, I would recommend this program to any new inspiring writers. Being in this program has helped my writing because there was a great deal of the focus of a ‘Sense of Place’. I know I know a place, really. But just give it a minute to sink in. Once you arrive at the main campus that becomes your home for the next two weeks, the sense of place really does inspire you. Especially since you will be going on multiple trips that will help with any inspiration that sparks your trained writing brains. Being with the other writers of the program most of the trip and listening to there writing really helps you. You are able to appreciate something other then your own work while contributing in a round table experience. You also are able to make great connections with the other members of the program because you guys become closer then you would think, basically like a big family, that’s how we all thought when we were enrolled.

The Professor at the Trinity Saint David College, Menna Elfyn was an amazing inspiration as well as her co-Professor Pamela Petro. In the various workshops we learned many different aspects from everyone’s pieces and also from Menna and Pamela’s construction. Not only were workshops an experience but also living in Lampeter and being able to interact with people that speak Welsh was breathtaking. You get to learn and live a different world other than your own and being able to travel around such a beautiful landscape was stunning. I remember looking out my window on the plane just before we arrived into Heathrow, London and your first impression view of this new world will be unbelievably spectacular.

Anyone interested in this Program please contact Professor Jeff Bens to apply before your time is up. The deadline, April 8th is coming just around the corner. You can also see more about the program and the trips expenses by clicking on this link. You’ll be missing out on an experience of a lifetime, consider the depths your writing can reach, don’t forget to apply.