Idealistic Visions of the World in Professor Mukerji’s Exhibition


Professor Alka Mukerji had an exhibition on Blue Mountain Gallery, New York during this winter. The title of the exhibition was “A Splash of Thought and a Touch of Color”. The paintings reflected all the countries she has travelled, with a very special emphasis in New York.

Every image takes the viewer on a journey to the idealistic vision of how these places look like. Expressive and colorful brushstrokes describe the places and the people that inhabit them. Mukerji’s art pieces went beyond the traveler’s eye to describe the happiness and sorrows from people all over the world.

A piece worthy of mention is “Freedom of speech” in which the red background resonates with anxious figures, drawn in strong black brush strokes, standing together. The canvas has messages written on it like“To Change We Need Everyone” and “Free Speech Birthright”. Paintings like “Broadway” communicate a sense of enthusiasm and opulence through the use of strong colors and bold brush strokes.

The painting titled “Oath” features youths wearing military clothing. The background has the three colors of the American flag white, red and blue. As Professor Mukerji mentioned since she works with young people this has influenced her art and her subjects.

In other pieces figures are not present, but the artist’s human emotion makes the landscapes feel almost dreamlike, a good example is “Girls College Morroco”, the girls seem to float as they leave the mosque in a background of orange and purple tones. The iconic Eiffel Tower is visible “Graphitic Paris”, it is seen emerging is a red-orange space surrounded by people.

The place where the exhibition took place could have not been more appropriate; Blue Mountain Gallery is in Chelsea where there is art in every corner, as an art gallery or in the form of graffiti. Don’t miss opportunities like this to experience our art Professors that they not only teach but they can also do.