Battle of the Bands



This year’s tryouts for music performances at Quad Jam, called Battle of the Bands, took place at the pub this past Wednesday, February 25th. There were more than ten student soloist and bands participating, hoping to get elected by the judges to play at one of the biggest and definitely most fun events on campus. There was a bigger audience and variety of genres from the bands this year compared to last year.


Greisis Carolina, RA in Spellman Hall said, “I liked it much better than last year’s. Good energy, good music, a lot of variety.” I noticed this, too. This year there was so much more variety than last year. We had a new electronic music group, which I had never seen before at Manhattanville, and different genres from pop rock (First Floor and Co-Exist) to jazz (Eric, Nolan, and Jason), rap (Andre Blue), folk (Aaron Klein and Raina Mullen), a cappella (Crescendbros and Manhattanville Sound), punk rock (One Fell Swoop), and much more. Many of these groups impressed me and the rest of the audience; for instance, Mario from Crescendbros with his solo of “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes, which was fantastic, and A.J. Chiarella who performed by himself for his whole band, One Fell Swoop, who could not make it that night.


It was surprising to see so many students at the Pub that night. I literally could not move in there; the place was packed! This meant that it was a success and, as a band member of one of the bands that performed that night, I am thankful for having such a big audience cheering for us and the rest of the groups. Matthew Relevo, singer and band leader of our band, First Floor, said that it was one of the best crowds we’ve performed for, and there was a lot of energy from the audience. My roommate, Isabella Brascetta, who is also Matthew’s girlfriend said, “Maybe they could have built a little better ambiance, but overall, the event was super nice and all the performers were very talented. First Floor was definitely the best performance.” Her opinion as well as mine may be biased, but many of our fans and the rest of the audience seemed to really enjoy our participation. Hopefully, we will get elected; if we do, this will be our first time playing at Quad Jam.


I am very eager to hear the results from the judges at Battle of the Bands and find out who will be playing at this year’s Quad Jam, and I am sure all of Manhattanville students are eager as well. Who do you think will get to perform this spring?