Berman Student Center Potentially Being Renovated



This past year the Berman Student Center, which encompasses the theatre room as well as the student workout center, has unofficially become the Communication Studies building. Prior to the center becoming an addition to the Communications Department, the building did not retain such a significant amount of students that the building now endures on a daily basis. That being said, one might not have noticed one of the larger issues that the newly acclaimed building possesses.

There have been a number of consistent complaints from Communications students about the temperature of the building. A Communication Studies major at Manhattanville College had a few words about the building. “If you wear layers it’s not that bad,” Jessica Iodice said. She also noted that when the weather starts to get warmer it would no longer be a problem. However, students have admitted they would not like to wait for spring to freeze in class, and that might possibly be all the reason to renovate the Berman Students Center.

It is important to realize that the majority of the time students are attending classes at Manhattanville the temperature is frigid. There is not much time to enjoy the warm weather.

If one were to stroll around the theatre room one might notice that the temperature is not the only problem the Berman Students Center has. There are light fixtures that no longer work, blinds that sometimes fail to block out the sun, and the room just emanates a dated vibe if one were to notice the cinderblock style walls, which is odd considering it is Manhattanville College’s newest building.

With all the issues surrounding the building, there have been a number of rumors swarming within the Communications Department. Brian Snee, the head of the Communications Department, had several comments regarding the issue. According to him it is true that Manhattanville College will seek outside donations to fund the renovation. He also commented as to whether or not the Communications Department had anything to do with the issue. He said, “With respect to other departments that use this building, we [Communications Department] certainly had a role in it”. He went on to mention that there are significantly larger amounts of students who come to the Berman Students Center presently. Importantly, he admitted that the cold temperature is an issue and noted that it is a main goal to solve that problem.