New Quad Jam


Manhattanville College’s annual Quad Jam event is undergoing some changes this year. With administration fed up with the way it has been celebrated in the past, they are on the road of planning some new approaches that will hopefully create a more efficient outcome for all staff and students.

For Manhattanville students, Quad Jam is known as a day of fun, games, entertainment, and tons of drinking. It is a day on the quad full of non-stop performances from different bands and clubs on campus. All non-performance clubs set up different tables with fun activities during the day for students to partake in and at night the headlining performance takes place. This year however, the non-performance clubs will be asked to participate by giving money for certain activities on the quad opposed to setting up their own tables.

“It doesn’t make sense for the clubs to have tables both for Fall Fest and Quad Jam. I think that everyone should be able to enjoy themselves and the performances that day,” Latoya Blount, the programming coordinator of student affairs said.

Blount, who is also the head for the new Quad Jam Committee, also feels that ending Quad Jam earlier will prevent students from acting wildly throughout the campus like in the previous years. She believes that timing plays a role in the way people act. Herself, along with two members of the Campus Activity Board (CAB), will act as the committee this year and will set a standard time frame of when Quad Jam should take place.


There was a major incident that happened last year at Quad Jam when the headliner of the night, Big Krit, had a beer can thrown at him while on stage from someone in the audience. Big Krit immediately got off stage preparing to confront whoever threw the can at him. Administration plans on putting the headlining act on stage earlier in the day to try and avoid incidents like this one.

“People should be more focused during the daytime,” Blount said.

Along with the Campus Activity Board (CAB), MVL Radio is also having some say in Quad Jam this year. The radio station has been asked to combine their annual Local Music Festival with Quad Jam. The purpose of this is to add more of a music festival vibe to Quad Jam. Raina Mullen, MVL Radio’s Station Manager is excited about the collaboration.

“We are happy to be working with CAB on this event and we can’t wait to show the students what MVL can do,” Mullen said.

“As for the image, we are looking to have it more as a fun, music-filled day and less about the drinking,” Blount explained.

Junior, Lisa Colten, expresses her feelings about these changes by saying, “I like the idea of Quad Jam being more of a music fest…Although I do appreciate the fact that they’re trying to discourage drinking on campus, I don’t think that ending Quad Jam early is the answer.”

Colten proceeded to explain that the student of Manhattanville love tradition and may not take well to administration trying to change that.

The day after Quad Jam, the quad is usually trashed with bottles, cans and other garbage items. There are usually damages throughout the dormitories including broken signs and trash thrown throughout the hallways. The fire alarms are set off many times as well. So much so that people ignore them on the day of Quad Jam. According to Campus Safety, the amount of reported incidents tripled last year during the weekend of Quad Jam compared to the previous weekends in April. There were sixteen reported incidents Quad Jam weekend including an abundant amount of more students being involved in these incidents than throughout the entire month. The Campus Safety workers are hoping that these changes bring a more relaxed feeling to Quad Jam this year when it comes to incidents.