THOSE THAT DO CAN ALSO TEACH: Art Professors of Manhattanville College Host Exhibition

THOSE THAT DO CAN ALSO TEACH: Art Professors of Manhattanville College Host Exhibition


Tim Ross2

by Tim Ross

Nothing is more exciting than heading up to Berger Art Gallery and seeing new art pieces. Fall 2014 has been a good one. It started off with Manhattanville’s own Art Professors demonstrating they don’t only teach art they very well can practice it. Tim Ross’s art work made in Photoshop takes mundane metal objects and turns them into figures.  Imagine your ordinary fork turned into a person! I found his work original and in today’s art world in which everything has already been done, his perspective seemed refreshing. As advice for artist he says, “Treat everything like a subject matter.” 

Deborah Lutz

by Deborah Lutz

Jim Bergesen

by Jim Bergesen

Debora Lutz’s work was the result of a challenge 50 paintings in 48 hours, the result are a series of spontaneous watercolors, each one connecting with the other and telling a story. Professor Jim Bergesen photography is between the realm of abstraction and representation.  The photos depict familiar images we have all seen in the airport: the view from the window of the airplane and the runway, but the difference is the sensibility of the artist that uses different angles to highlight abstract properties of the familiar scenes.  

Randy Williams

by Randy Williams

Randy Williams’s work in the exhibition was an installation, images of Art in American magazine formed a triangle, when getting closer to the art piece one could discover each magazine had photos of art pieces that had been pasted on the cover. This installation allows the artist himself to decide what is art, instead of having the magazine’s editors choose for him. When asking him what was his message, he said that everything that happens influences him and those influences are his subject.

Brownson Art Gallery was no stranger to the work of Manhattanville’s Art Professors. I got a glimpse of Professor Mukerji’s colors, the free brush strokes and the vibrant colors left and impression on me. As I looked at the painting I asked myself who were those people she was depicting, where are they, why some of them look through the canvas into my own eyes? 

Alka Mukerji

by Alka Mukerji

Another highlight I have to mention is Erasing Borders, which is an exhibition of indo-American artists. Together the exhibition a representation of universal art through the eyes of indian culture, easily comprehended because of its dealing with the human experience. But I will talk about that one later on.

Now with Fall 2014 almost over, which ones where your favorite exhibitions? Respond below in the comments!