On Oct. 9-12, New York Comic Con (NYCC) took place at the Javits Center in New York City. With over 150,000 attendees, NYCC made it bigger than the International San Diego Comic Con in terms of tickets sales. People across the nation as well as from around the globe attended NYCC, a convention geared towards celebrating and reveling the comic culture. Many of the attendees ‘cosplayed’ which is defined as people who dress up in costumes inspired by a show, film or comic book.



It was no easy feat to get the tickets to this year’s NYCC. Due to high demand, many were not able to get their tickets through the online site and had to camp out at retailers in hopes of snagging one. Throughout all four days of NYCC, people could be seen lining up to enter the hall from as early as 5 AM – even though the doors only open at 10 AM! For popular events such as renown television show The Walking Dead panel where the cast members and creator of the show come and talk about the upcoming season and give audience members a viewing of the new episode, people were lining up outside from the night before in order to secure a seat at the Main Stage that housed only a few thousands of people.

NYCC-8NYCC is a time where people can share and indulge in their interests, whether it is comic books, movies, shows or books. You do not have to be a comic book fan in order to feel welcome at the convention. There are many different panels that cater to all interests as well. Panels ranged from advice on how to break into the comic book industry, to learning Dothraki (a language from the show Game of Thrones), to spotlight panels that featured a celebrity who talked about a upcoming project (Ron Pearlman did a spotlight panel to promote his new book that came just came out). I went to the Batman 75th anniversary panel where some of the prominent writers and artists who worked on Batman talked about the impact the iconic character has on each of them and on people as well. I also attended the “Women in Marvel” panel that featured 16 women panelists of writers, artist and editors who work for Marvel and discussed the importance of women in the industry and in comics. It was quite an inspiring panel to attend as someone who is trying to break into the industry, as they talked about why this industry needs new creative talent. NYCC-2

Besides panels, the main attraction of NYCC is the show floor. At the show floor, booths of many different companies comes and sell items that cater to almost anyone. There were booths that sold steampunk items, books, t-shirts, posters, art work, video games and so much more! One truly feels like a kid in a candy store once you enter the show floor where hundreds of booths are set up some to promote their new items. There was also a Just Dance booth that had a stage where people can dance to the game and a large crowd cheered them.

While there for three days, I divided my time between panels, show floor, signings and artist alley, where artists came to sell their original works of art, prints and commission art. I was also running around trying to get my comic books signed by artists and writers. I often woke up at the crack of dawn, along with my friends, carrying a backpack filled with books waiting to be signed, which wasn’t do good for my back, and a hot chocolate to bear against the cold city morning.


Overall, Comic Con was both fun and very tiring. I often look forward every year to this convention as I get to meet new people who share my interests and often have discussions about it as we wait on line for a signing or for a panel. Even if you are not a comic book fan, you can still find things that you can enjoy from it as my friends and I have!