The Manhattanville Music Scene: One Fell Swoop


One Fell Swoop is a band from Yonkers, NY who struggles to describe their music similarly to how I struggle to find a just punishment to deal to those who don’t listen to One Fell Swoop. 10816084_10204342648760085_2130388059_nOut of the band’s 4 members, both guitar players A.J. Chiarella and Brandon Florich, as well as bass player John Rodriguez attend Manhattanville College and, with drummer Frank De Santis, are often kind enough to perform right on campus at various music shows such as Punk in the Pit or Quad Jam. Although the brains behind the O.F.S. operation are very calculating, all of the work done by the members of One Fell Swoop is done to guarantee a live show for which “insanity” is the only applicable word. Of course, live shows are best when you know all of the lyrics to every song, and since One Fell Swoop’s original music can be streamed for free on, there seems to be very little reason for anyone to pass up the opportunity to support these local kings of D.I.Y

One Fell Swoop often gets their music sorted into the arbitrary “punk rock” genre, but in all honesty calling the music of One Fell Swoop “punk rock” is like calling Taco Bell “Mexican Food”- it’s a description to which the only proper response is wincing subtly and saying “eh, not really…”. One Fell Swoop stands out as a peacock among pigeons, falling between pop-punk and hardcore punk, signifying the return of clever songwriting and inspired combinations of different sounds and influences in order to create something familiar yet fascinating. Being inspired by popular hardcore and punk rock bands such as Bayside and Senses Fail, just to name a couple, you can bet that there is no shortage of energy from O.F.S. during their live performances. When asked to describe their live shows, both John and A.J. said the word “fun” at the same time. A.J. even shared a story involving John punching holes through walls during a live show, to which John replied “I only punched 1 hole through 1 wall…ever.”

A.J. and John both agree that everyone is invited to a One Fell Swoop show. 10806892_10204342650120119_285024478_nThey hate 21+ shows, and have gone the last two years of their career without playing a single one, insisting that all-ages shows are the best way to get the greatest amount of people to enjoy their music. John continued by saying that he imagines O.F.S’s music being enjoyed most by people who won’t be turned off by weird things, such as a reggae section of a song followed immediately by a face-melting guitar solo.

In order to gain support, some bands ask for their fans to buy their E.P., some ask for “likes” on Facebook, but when A.J. and John from One Fell Swoop were asked how Manhattanville students could help them realize their dream of being able play music instead of having to get a desk job, a topic often addressed in their songs, they responded with a request for fans to spread their name “word of mouth” style. If you see O.F.S. live or buy their new E.P. at for $2, all they ask is that you tell your friends. Getting a One Fell Swoop tattoo on your forehead is also apparently appreciated by the members.

One Fell Swoop is all about getting their name out there any way possible; if that means running around on stage during a show, or cutting you a break by giving you a $10 O.F.S. t-shirt for $7 dollars, they will do it. The members of One Fell Swoop are extremely talented on their own, and are unstoppable when they come together. Seriously, try to see One Fell Swoop at least one time before A.J. and John graduate in the Spring- unless you’re allergic to fun or good-looking dudes, you will have the time of your life.