The Manhattanville Music Scene: Raina Mullen

The Manhattanville Music Scene: Raina Mullen


10752088_10204273661875456_291998128_nIt is unfortunate that sometimes the talent found in each and every student at Manhattanville College can be easy to overlook. With modern forms of entertainment gaining dominance over our lives with each passing second, sometimes the best thing that one can do is chill and appreciate some good music. I am writing today to tell you that if you’ve ever disregarded Raina Mullen’s attempts to promote her own original music, then you’ve made an immeasurably large mistake.

With an infectious enthusiasm towards everything she does and a smile that lights up this whole town, Raina is an act that no one should want to miss. Raina is a singer/songwriter from the state of Connecticut, and a senior studying Music Business at Manhattanville College. Raina describes her original music as a fusion of pop and folk genres, influenced by the songs of Bob Dylan and the band Mumford and Sons. I, however, describe her music as absolutely moving and beautiful, with a voice of nearly indescribable quality.

Allow me to paint you readers a picture: Right now, outside of my bedroom window in Tenney Hall, is a quartet of drunken students who are literally falling down in the street chasing each other. Normally, I would use this as an opportunity to make some popcorn and pull up a chair to enjoy the free show, but listening to Raina’s music has me so entranced that I almost didn’t notice the performance.

Raina hopes that her music appeals to people anywhere from ages 14 to 40. She writes about herself and although she imagines her music being more appealing to women, she has received enough compliments from male members of her audiences to convince her that her songs are able to be loved by anyone. I, for one, love her music despite my being uncompromisingly male. If you ever wanted to listen to her songs, they can be streamed for free on her website, in addition to her youtube channel, facebook page, soundcloud, and bandcamp – the links for which can all be found on her impressive aforementioned website.

10807023_10204273661275441_1196404477_nRaina has quite the dream, although it is not much different from that of most other musicians: get a publishing deal. “I just feel so much joy in singing- It’s a huge emotional release. I’d probably be dead if I didn’t sing.” says Raina. Turns out that we students at Manhattanville can help Raina achieve her dream just by catching her performances at Hastings Tea in White Plains, where she plays every Friday from 6pm-8pm. We can also see her perform at popular Manhattanville events like Quad Jam in the spring; liking her Facebook page is also especially helpful. Raina has often been told that her recordings simply don’t capture the energy she feels when she performs live. It would seem that anyone seeking the full Raina Mullen experience will have to check out her live performances.

Recording a professional album is Raina’s immediate goal. Studio time is extremely expensive though, and as a result, Raina has started a Kickstarter where anyone can pledge money to help Raina pay for professional recordings of her original music. Of course, she encourages anyone who can to help her out, even if they’ve only a little to offer.

When asked if we students can support Raina by giving her lots of hugs, she said “Yes, definitely hugs.” –and, guys, she deserves them. Anyone who enjoys good music or good people should support Raina Mullen in any way that they can, and to anyone who has any doubts that Raina Mullen has what it takes, well, let her lyrics speak for themselves: “Try to stop me, I dare you.”