On August 25th 2014, the class of 2018 began their journeys as freshman in college and since then they have each adjusted to the new environment in their own unique ways. Some students have been asked to share their experiences, anonymously. These are their stories and experiences:

  1. The first student commutes to school, daily. This student likes commuting because it saves money, and it does, according to New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio. The student doesn’t think the workload is too much and the student is currently taking six classes (the average amount of classes for college, by the way, is five). This student feels well adjusted and somewhat organized. When asked if he feels independent, the student replied, “Yes and no. I’m on my own here, but I commute so I have my family with me.”
  1. The next student is living in a dorm and is from China. She claims it’s hard to be a freshman, but she likes living in a dorm. She said can handle the workload and she is taking five classes. She likes the kids here and she is adjusting well, overall. She is very organized and feels independent.
  1. This student lives on campus and does not recommend commuting. When asked about the workload, she said, “I definitely have my bad days, but I will hopefully get used to it.” As a student, this freshman thinks being in college has its up and downs. However, she thinks that she will adjust, eventually. She feels independent, but she says she will feel even more grown up when she gets a real job.

From the looks of it, the class of 2018 is on their way to a bright and new start as they get adjusted to Manhattanville College.

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