Dear incoming freshmen,

Congratulations to making it out of high school! We are proud of you and thrilled for you to begin the next chapter of your life here at Manhattanville College.

To those of you who are sure of what you want to study, keep working hard and stay focused. Also, I think that it is amazing that you know what you want this early in life.

To those undecided, it really is okay. There is no need to panic. I was in the same place. Try an array of classes, figure out what you love. Take your time and you’ll find your passion.

I encourage you to get involved. Join a club, feel a part of something. When you are part of a collective group interested in the same things, it is incredible what can be accomplished.

There is much to do here at Manhattanville College. Truly embrace the years that you spend here. As I am sure you know, time moves fast.

So stay hungry. Be real. Speak your mind. Make friends – not only with your peers but with your professors as well. There are marvelous people here. You are surrounded by a truly caring community.

I wish you luck in everything you do!



Rebecca Stroud

Assistant Editor


P.S. The Touchstone is always open to welcoming new members :-)