It’s getting close to that time of the semester when you’ve finished your resume and you’re looking for jobs and internships of your interest. Your resume is looking perfect and your employer asks for a copy of the resume and a cover letter. What is a cover letter, you ask? A cover letter is included on a separate sheet of paper, aside from your resume, for you to personally introduce yourself to your employer. This is the best way to highlight your skills, interests, and qualifications. Some employers count on a good cover letter so make it interesting and personable. Here are some times on writing a cover letter: 

  1. Write a custom letter for each position you want. Use your own words and write in your own style.
  2. Never use a general cover letter for all of your job applications
  3. List what you can do for the employer, as well as how the position will benefit you.
  4. Cover letters should be concise: 3-4 paragraphs and no more than one page in length. In general, specifically state the position that you are seeking (usually in the first sentence), tell the reader why they should select you and finish with suggesting a follow-up action (e.g. you will make a follow-up phone call).

For further tips, CLICK HERE. Also visit the link on Career Development Quick links. You will find examples to help you create your own in the Cover Letter Guidebook.