Autism Awareness Day


Assistant Director of Residence Life Alexandra Silvestre was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to speak to me about the Residence Hall Association! Find out what she said below. 

Letter Writing 1

What Is RHA and what are your goals?

RD Alex: RHA is the voice of resident students. We advocate for the students, get opinions from them and try to put their interests and opinions into effect. Some of the programs we run are the Color Race, Drag Show, Maintenance Appreciation Day and Light it Up Blue for Autism Awareness Month.

What do you discuss in your meetings?

RD Alex: We have an agenda. We run through the attendance and committee reports first, then reports from the President, VP, Treasurer, etc. We then discuss upcoming events such as Campus Clean-Up, and other events for next year like the Battle of the Buildings.

How are you preparing for the next academic year?

RD Alex: We are pulling a budget together, and hopefully planning other events to happen if they could not this year such as Battle of the Buildings is an example. We’re trying to promote school spirit. We would have mascots for each building, kind of like a field day. We would have prizes like trophies and half of damage fee reduced. We would give Non Traditional Housing pub cash.

Thank You SMGWhy should people join RHA?

RD Alex: It is very easy to complain about anything happening on campus. Be the change you want to see and make an impact. Help those around you with similar ideas make voices louder.

Why should students keep themselves informed about RHA?

RD Alex: Just like someone asks before taking a test, “God, please help me pass!” no one cares until something actually happens. They only look into things only if pertains to them in the moment or if they are interested. Always being informed about what is happening on campus and especially RHA will add interest and curiosity.

What is the difference between RHA and SGA?

RD Alex: RHA pertains to the interests, concerns, and opinions of just the residents of Manhattanville. SGA, Student Government Association is for all the students including commuters, clubs and organizations.