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Ms. Latrice Royale, former contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Show

contributed by DANIELLE JONES

Lights, camera, action! With a packed house full of eager and thrilled students, Manhattanville College held its 2nd Annual Drag Show.

“I thank you all so much for coming and supporting your fellow peers and all of the performers tonight. We are going to have a phenomenal show,” said Ali Hoyt, this year’s show coordinator. With the spot light ready and the stage set to perfection, it was time for strutting, hair flipping, sexy dance moves and death drops.

“Let’s welcome our first performer, she is a famous Drag King, and she has performed all over the country, Landon Cider!”

The crowd could not contain themselves as the thrill of seeing and experiencing a new culture was right before their very eyes.

Landon Cider, dressed as famous rapper Pitbull, owned the crowd and the stage. Some students could not believe that Landon Cider was actually a female.

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Landon Cider, famous Drag King

“It felt like I was at a Pitbull concert; she entertained and connected with audience, she was amazing […] the show blew me away.” said Amora Miller, a sophomore here at Manhattanville.

The students jumped and cheered as Landon Cider exited the stage.

“That was awesome! Let’s give another round of applause for Landon Cider! Now our next performer was a former contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race, we all know who I am talking, Ms. Latrice Royal!”

Entered the gorgeous, tall and fierce Latrice Royale, she was ready to bring down the house. Lip Singing the song “Weight”, she sashayed, worked the crowd like no other and it was only right that she death dropped in heels and nailed it!

As she left the stage, the crowed just roared with cheers and smiles of delight.

“Wow what an amazing performance, do you want more? Well lets welcome Mville’s own student performer Venus!” said Hoyt.

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Venus (Brian McAllister)

The attire crowd knew who that was: she was Manhattanville student Brian McAllister and wow! She killed it!

Performing to a medley of Beyoncé’s songs, she stepped onto the stage and worked every bit of the crowd, hair flipping in killer knee high heel boots.

“As soon as the “Partition” beat drop, everyone knew that Venus was about to show us how it’s really done.” said Cassia Fletcher, a sophomore here at Manhattanville.

A complete hit with the crowd, the audience begged for an encore from Venus, but the night was only half way through.

Ali Hoyt introduced the remaining performers from SUNY Purchase and more performances from Landon Cider and Patrice Royal.

The Drag Show ended with a Q&A session some of the Kings and Queens shared advice for up and coming queens.

“Stay true to who you and just have fun.” said Ricky Deluca, a SUNY Purchase student performer.

By the end of the night, almost everyone lost their voices because of the screaming and cheering they did to support such a wonderful and eye opening event. Everyone was truly amazed at the different characters that each Drag Queen and King showed on stage and were happy to be a part of such an astounding experience here at Manhattanville College.