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contributed by KHADIJAH DAVIS

J Sky Walker (born Joel Farmer) is not your typical rap artist who raps about subjects such as women and materialism: he is a Christian rapper. A music genre in hip-hop, Christian rap focuses on the same religious and inspirational themes J incorporates into his unique music.


Though J hails from the West Indies island of Trinidad, in the 90s, his family moved to Queens, New York. From a young age, J considered himself a typical kid whose interests revolved around hanging out with the popular kids and gaining attention from girls. However, it wasn’t until J found religion that he was inspired to disregard previous obsessions with being popular, looking “cool”, and girls, for establishing a relationship with God and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

J Sky Walker is currently signed to Right Side Up Entertainment with four albums: Loud (2008), Return of the Jedi (2012), Enoch (2013), and Pray X Grind (2014). His top songs are “Jesus for President” from Loud, and “Lights on” featuring Bryan Clark, from his newest recorded album Pray X Grind. His vibe and tone in these songs are very influential with a solid beat and catchy rhythmic chorus.  J’s artistry can be compared to other talented artists such as Jay Z, Kanye West, with a touch of Outcast and Pharell. He draws from life experiences and has a desire to make music that not only draws you in but lifts you up.

J Sky Walker will be performing at Manhattanville College on Thursday, April 17, 2014 for a Music Production Workshop Event sponsored by the Student Government and WMVL Radio Hip-Hop music director. This will be a great time to see J Sky Walker in action and ask him questions as a professional in the music business!

Label: Right Side up Entertainment
Hit Songs: “Jesus for President” and “Lights on”
Artistry: Jay Z, Nas, Outcast, Pharell
Twitter: @JSkyWalkerMusic
Like him on Facebook at J Sky Walker