Manhattanville College encourages all students who are interested in fulfilling requirements, get a head start, or finishing their bachelor’s degree in less time to enroll in the school’s summer sessions. The school offers a 20% discount to all current Manhattanville students and high school students. In other words, although courses are generally three credits, one only pays for two credits. Not only do students save time and money by enrolling, but they also get to enjoy Mville’s summer environment. “This place is very beautiful over the summer,” said Anthony Davidson, Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies. “People take advantage of it. If I was teaching, I’d be teaching outside.” 

In addition to that, summer session offer a diverse populace of students. According to Summer School Coordinator, Kate Hartman, 381 students enrolled into summer courses last year, most of whom came from outside of Mville. “The other thing that’s nice is that we have students that go to other colleges but live here, which helps with network,” said Davidson.

Although ten to fifteen courses will usually not make it into the curriculum due to low enrollment, the school offers “a couple hundred” courses, estimated Hartman, giving students a wide array of options. Due to the fact that summer sessions are an intense five week program (a three credit course meets three days a week for two and a half hours), Hartman does not recommend taking more than two courses. However, some are lighter than others. “All of the Studio Art courses usually fly, because they’re not as intense,” said Hartman. “They’re more fun, and fulfill general education requirements.”

Up until now, courses have been generally chosen by faculty availability. However, Mville is striving to provide a more collaborative, or consumer oriented model. “We want to give the students the opportunity of actually having a voice in the courses that they want,” said Davidson. “I don’t know if people want to do intense courses in the summer. I would prefer something more fun.” Although the school has been trying to promote this through social media, both Hartman and Davidson encourage students to reach out and voice their preferences. “I love the idea of getting input from the students. That would be something we’ve never done before,” said Hartman.

Other than accelerating the process of a attaining the Bachelor’s degree, Manhattanville offers dual degree programs, giving students the opportunity to take graduate courses. “The advantage is that you can complete your Bachelors and Masters in five years, saving time and money,” Davidson declared. Furthermore, if you attained your Bachelors from Manhattanville, and sign up for a graduate program within a year, the school offers a 20% discount, approximately 700 dollars of credit.

The deadline for the first summer session is on May 26. The second summer session deadline June 29. However, courses, especially science ones, fill up quickly, which is why it is suggested to register in advance.  For more information, visit the school website at