On Friday April 4, the House of Mystery program sponsored by Residence Life was held at Reid Castle where students attended a murder mystery as guests. The night was full of suspense, surprises, interrogations and excitement. Throughout the night, students had the thrilling opportunity to reveal their inner Nancy Drew to find out who killed two fictional victims: Charlotte Bennett, daughter of the Duke of Devonshire, and her fiancé.

charlotte bennett murdered Students interrogated potential suspects and gathered clues from other characters in hopes of getting closer to answering the question ‘Who did it?’. The outstanding costumes from the DTF Costume Collection also contributed to the mysterious night and completed the time period in which the scenario was set. Reid Castle is also the most iconic and mysterious building on campus, thus adding to this interesting night. charlotte's brother and sister getting arrested

In the end, the outcome was so astonishing that some students left the Castle talking amongst themselves in disbelief. It was revealed there was not only one murderer, but two. Lord James Bennett and Lady Eileen Bennett, the brother and sister of Charlotte Bennett, were the murderers. Residence Life awarded two students who guessed correctly by giving out twenty five dollar visa gift cards to two winners.

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