Sherry Kerlin, Sunflowers at night, oil on canvas

Sunflowers at Night by Sherry Kerlin


Manhattanville College, through the Arthur Berger Art Gallery, offers all students the unique opportunity of participating in artistic exhibitions with a high degree of artistic quality. Since January, three artistic exhibitions have taken place: From Both Sides of the Pond, The Shape of Vapour and Roman Holiday. Forget about the stereotype of the artist that sits moody in the corner, these artists are willing to talk to you about their work.

McClintock's photos

George McClintock

From Both Sides of the Pond featured three internationally renowned artist-printmakers from Britain and the USA showing their work together for the first time. Anne Desmet, Jackie Newell and Vijay Kumar showed their etchings and engravings of their own personal perceptions of architecture.

Sherry Kerlin, Death Disguised as Kindly Matron, oil on canvas

Death Disguised as Kindly Matron by Sherry Kerlin

Through the use of perspective and composition, these three artists did more than depict architecture, they infused it with their own personal experiences. The lack of color, since it was only black and white, emphasizes the expressive lines used in their work. For London artist Desmet, this was her first time showing her award winning work in the US.  A gallery talk and discussion took place from 2 to 4 pm in Brownson Hall, followed by a reception in the Berger Art Gallery on Tuesday, February 11.

McClintock's exhibition Roman Holiday

George McClintock

Sherry Kerlin’s exhibition called the Shape of Vapour was presented on March 5. Kerlin’s work looks impressionist at first sight but looking at it more closely, one feels she is depicting something else through the images, perhaps something in the past. “I don’t think of time being linear. I think you can choose which position you want to be in the now,” said Kerlin.

During the gallery reception, Professor Heckendorn presented the artist and spoke to his students about the importance of having the opportunity of viewing art and asking the artist questions about their work.

George McClintock’s photographic exhibition, Roman Holiday, was a collection of people, places and objects that touched the artist’s sensibility. “Rather than come up with an idea and make the photograph conform to that idea as conceptual photographers do, I view the world and interpret the world in an intuitive way,” said Mclintock. His photos show depth and space in a very personal way, not linked to figurative reality. “All photography is abstract,” said McClintock.

Sherry Kerlin, The Black Rose, oil on canvas

The Black Rose by Sherry Kerlin

Visiting these exhibitions allows students to develop artistic sensibility which is necessary whether one desires to be an artists, art dealer or just someone looking to experience how human emotion can be translated into art. Just like watching a movie, a painting can move you emotionally just as easily. With the Berger Art Gallery right at your doorstep with all these free events, why not give it a try?