Manhattanville College Rolls Out New Social Media Strategy



The Zone5 team. From left to right: Ray Witkowski, Colleen Luthor & Alyssa McClenning

Today, Zone 5, an integrated marketing and communications firm, addressed both faculty and staff to introduce the college’s new social media strategy. The company was retained last year to help the communications department devise an effective way to reach Manhattanville’s stakeholders (parents, students, alumni & prospective students) through social media.

Due to the high usage right of social media, it has quickly become the de facto form of communication for the college population. According to the Pew Research Internet Project, 71% of adults use Facebook and 90% of individuals aged 18-29 use social media.
The existence of several accounts dilutes the ability of the college administration to communicate effectively with its student body and other stakeholders. A quick Google search of the words “Manhattanville Facebook” revealed at least five official M’ville pages or accounts trying to engage with all or part of the student population.
As part of the strategy introduced today, the communications department will organize and launch a social media task force whose main goal will be to consolidate main accounts to ensure uniformity and quality of engagement along all social media channels. Ray Witkowski, Vice-President of Zone5 said ”What each one of us does is a reflection on all of us”, which explains the need for uniformity throughout all the channels of official communications of Manhattanville College.