App for PepsiCo Brings in the Cash



The Programming Club created a new app for PepsiCo executives earning a total of $5000 dollars for the Computer Science Department.

Last month the club had a great opportunity to create an app for PepsiCo executives to use on their Ipads. Professor Schwartz got the offer from PepsiCo, that the company was looking for an app for about 15 executives to be able to share information on things such as taxes on global scale.

The Programming Club is a fairly new club at Manhattanville College. The club started up this Fall semester by Micael Jaramillo and Andres Santiago, and is advised by Professor Munson. The club had a hard time getting started, but now they have grown to 13 members in the club. The club focuses on a broad range of topics at their meetings such as creating apps, creating games, and discussing the issues of technology today.

“All together we met as a club and came up with the app. It consisted of a map of the entire world. The map shows just countries, and then when the executive clicks on the country they could access business documents”, said Jaramillo class of 15’. The app was a success, PepsiCo offered the club a donation of $5000 for the app. The club then decided to move over the money to the Computer Science Department.

“It was a great experience, and really shows what we could do. We decided to give the money to the department because we feel they could make good use of it”, said     Santiago class of 14’. The app is now currently used by 15 international PepsiCo executives, and is making the sharing of documents quick and easier.

The Manhattanville student body is excited about the app, and proves what the students can contribute to the world. Manda Phillips class of 15’ currently interning for PepsiCo said, “ I think its great that the programming club was able to contribute to the company in a beneficial way, and it sets an example for other students and proves large corporations take their ideas seriously.”

The club is now excited to move forward and work on new projects after this huge success. They are currently working on a new app for a Quad Jam game that the students can play. The club wants to expand to all kinds of people, creating apps and games entails all types of talents. “We want to break down the barriers that programmers just sit inside. All different types of people can collaborate with us such as art majors, math majors, and communication majors”, said Santiago.