70% of New Hires Find Jobs Through Networking

If you think you’ll be able to land a job with what you’ve learned in school, think on this: what you know will help you keep a job, but finding one is an entirely different matter.


Based on statistics compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Steven Rothberg, founder of job search websitecollegerecruiter.com, through the Wall Street Journal, determined that 70-80% of new hires are not publicly advertised. That means that many of the people who were hired filled positions which were never advertised to the public.
In its quest to prepare Manhattanville students for the world beyond these walls, The Center for Career Development (CCD), led by Shannon Hargrove, hosted a networking event called Learn How to Network to Get Worklast month. Michael Capozzi, former Mville student, now working for MasterCard served as the keynote speaker. He offered the following tips for networking:
Always introduce yourself with your full name (first and last name)
Always have a business card (Visit the CCD if you don’t have one) 
Be ready to shake someone’s hand. Do so firmly, but not with a death grip.
If you happen to be shy, arrive early. (everyone will most likely greet you)
Pay attention to your grooming (Please dress professional casual, unless the dress code says otherwise)
Always follow up (not just when you need something)
Treat everyone with respect (You never know who your next boss may be)
Do what you say you’ll do
Listen (There’s a reason why you have two ears and just one mouth)
Be interested in what the other person is saying
Treat your network like your friends.
For more tips on how to expand your network reach out to the CCD. Also try reading a book called How to Make Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.