Pub 21 Party Fail

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by Anonymous
What was intended to be the last Pub 21 party hosted this year was a decidedly anti-climatic event, this past Friday, March 21st.
The theme was difficult to relate with and, honestly, dated and tacky. No one has any animal-related costume paraphernalia just lying around, and with the crunch of midterms and graduation preparations keeping most seniors busy, it is impossible to really look the part of, “What the Fox Say”—whatever that means.
But the worst part of this Pub 21 was the conspicuous lack of what makes Pub 21 so attractive to seniors in the first place: alcohol.
Dean Smith decided to pull all alcoholic beverages from the event. The reasoning behind this decision is sound; with all the high-school age guests on campus, it was unacceptable to create an alcoholic environment.
Regardless of Dean Smith’s motives however, the event could have been better planned to anticipate such a move on the administration’s part. Outraged at the lack of alcohol, one senior (who shall remain unnamed) yelled profanities and curses at the partygoers while storming outside, in continual screams as he left.
All in all, last week’s Pub 21 fell flat on its face because of the no-fun-allowed approach taken for it by Dean Smith and SGA’s apparent poor planning skills. ​