Shannon Hargrove outsideBY BREANNE POST ’15

Meet your new Director of the Center for Career Development: Shannon Hargrove. With her new promotion from the Assistant Director and Career Counselor she is now in charge of representing the Career Development as the new Director. As the job of being the new Director Shannon Hargrove has been able to embrace the opportunity and be able to take on her new title with open arms. “It’s fun because I get to dabble into a little bit of everything now,” said Shannon Hargrove. Even though Hargrove is the new Director she is still involved with Alumni; helping with their needs and also recruiting them for the Job Shadow Program that she is additionally involved with.

With the changing title comes with changing agenda, “I hope that my interaction with students doesn’t change at all, I love working with students!” said Hargrove. The Career Center is excited to hire a new Assistant Director and get them trained to get back in the normal flow of things, giving Hargrove the ability to see students more frequently while continuously helping out the students through the Job Shadow Program as well. Hargrove insists on the students to keep contacting her by stopping by, emailing, or calling if the need her help with anything or specific advisements about resumes and careers that they are interested in, “I feel we are serving our students well but I would like to add on to all of our services as we progress,” said Hargrove.

Future plans for the CCD department that Shannon Hargrove is taking over consist of partnering up with GPS, the graduate school, to enhance the services for there students and develop our employer partnerships. The Career Developments long-term goals that they would like to accomplish consist of virtual career services involving virtual appointments and a lot more of a virtual aspect for the students. “I was thrilled and excited to be here, being offered the new position…and were going to keep doing what were doing as the Center for Career Development and we always open up input and suggestions from the faculty and staff,” said Hargrove. If you have any questions for anyone in the Career Center don’t hesitate to stop by Founders G-4 for any further appointments and questions to be answered by the incredible staff of counselors waiting to meet with you and help you with any concerns you might have.