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Manhattanville College Resident Advisors and members of the Residence Hall Association recently pitched in to renovate the lounge of Dammann Hall, commonly known as the Pitt. The Dammann Pitt was named after Professor Kennieth Pittman, who passed away in 1999. Dammann Hall houses approximately 200 upperclassmen that live in suite-style dormitories.

The renovations are a step toward building a better sense of community within the residence halls.

“We want all the residence halls to have their own voice. We want to nurture a sense of community,” said Amber Harris, who is a junior at Manhattanville and the Vice President of the Residence Hall Association. “The Pitt should be a place where you can sit and hang out, not a place with broken walls and dirty floors.”

“We want the space to be somewhere people want to go,” said David Nielsen, who is a sophomore and a Resident Advisor in Dammann Hall. “It needs a new look. Something more cozy, welcome, and clean.” Currently, the Pitt houses two couches, three armchairs, two tables, a couple of chairs, and a flat screen TV. Aside from the new paint job, there will be additional furniture and new computers coming in the next couple of months.

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Lisa Marie-Hunt, who is the Resident Director for both Dammann and Tenney Halls, said that she hopes that the residence hall renovation will promote the use of community space. “In suites, everyone has their own communal space so they rarely leave their rooms to go to events,” she said.

As of now, many events are programmed to happen in the newly renovated Dammann Pitt, which has always been a place where clubs and organizations have hosted meetings and activities. Sophomore Kaitlyn Angley, who is a Mentor at Manhattanville’s Mentor Center, is planning on hosting an Open Mic night in the Pitt in April. The Office of Residence Life is also planning on hosting a Welcome Back party for Dammann and Tenney Halls in the Pitt.

Members of the Residence Life staff hinted at other possible renovations in the other residence halls around campus.