Who Said Mville Didn’t Care?



Our school’s counseling center has recently added a new massage chair to help ease student stress and day-to-day tension.The massage chair is the newest addition to the counseling center’s array of student support resources, but it isn’t the only one. Besides classic consultation of psychotherapy, the counseling center offers numerous support groups: stress groups, meditation groups, relationship groups and even quitting smoker’s groups.

Relatively unknown to many students, there is also a light therapy box to aid those from warmer climates adjust into the blustery winter season.

“Our counseling center hosts a variety of groups, each designed to meet specific student needs. Each year, new students arrive and we need to customize ourselves to meet all of their needs.” Explained Dr. Pamela Duncan, executive director of the health center.

The chair is equipped for a full body massage that includes hands and feet, so long as you stay clean (that means you, person who thinks its too “cold” to shower every day).

The counseling center is available for any student and the chair, the highlight of our week, can be reserved by appointment for twenty minutes of smooth sailing.