In Memory of Pete Seeger



Renown American folk singer and activist Pete Seeger came to Manhattanville College on September 20th, 2013 during Valiant Week to speak to students, faculty, and alumni about writing and the social imagination. Those who attended were entertained when Seeger played one of his famous songs with his banjo. This wonderful man, full of optimism, strength, and talent recently passed away. I was one of many fortunate students who had the opportunity to hear Seeger share his ideas and talent with our school community.

Throughout the event, I could see how passionate he was about the future and for the organizations that he was a part of. For instance, the Clearwater Festival was created because of his efforts to help clean up the Hudson River. Although this influential man is no longer with us, his passion and talent will continue to be a bright example for the future.  In the words of Seeger himself, “We should not focus on the bad and evil, but the good and all that can come out of being optimistic.”